Corporate events

Mesageria provides a series of services for brands and corporate events.

We offer consultancy and integration for old school telephones in brand activation installations, booths and for corporate parties.

You can read below about a few of our pre-packaged services:


The telephone maze

Suitable for: corporate party

Crowd size: 50 and up

The installation comprises 3 of our vintage telephones, all placed in random areas around the party venue with the simple printed instruction of "pick up the phone".

Each telephone has a pre-recorded message containing a keyword and instructions (or hints) to find the other 2 telephones..

First x people to get the 3 keywords get a prize.

Our services include:

- 3 telephones in line with the party theme

- installation and assistance

- customised prints with instructions

- design of the game spots and hints

- voice recording for the messages


The feedback machine

Suitable for: corporate party / conference / training / office activity

Crowd size: 20 and up

The installation consists of a single telephone marked distinctively with "leave your feedback here".

Each telephone has a pre-recorded welcome message that asks the person that picked up the phone to record a voice message containing feedback (i.e. about a training or an event).

Messages will be provided by us in a script format, so confidentiality is ensured.

Our services include:

- 1 telephone with over 100h of recording time available

- installation and assistance

- customised prints with instructions

- welcome message voice recording

- processing for all valid messages and audio to text transcription servces.


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