Art installations

Mesageria provides services for art installations or museums.

We offer consultancy and integration for audio systems that need either pre-recorded audio pieces to be provided to the public in a creative manner.

We cover both permanent and temporary (rental) installations.

You can read below about a few of our pre-packaged services:



Suitable for: art installation, museums

The installation can host a large number of handsets mounted on a wall, or telephones in a museum room that upon being picked up start playing the pre-recorded historic audio testimonial or artist instructions. Each time the handset is put back, the message starts again, so it's suitable for long messages that would otherwise require the next person to wait for the begining.

Our services include:

- modern industrial handsets that can be mounted on a wall

- original telephones that cover the desired epoch (from 1920s up to late 80s).

- installation and assistance

- voice processing services


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